NextLevel Media offers a variety of services:
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Website Design
Whether you're a small business, large business, starting a business, or don't even have a business, having a website is critical if you want to be successful. Not only is a website accessible by anyone anywhere on the planet, but a
website is the center for any and all information about you and your business.

Custom Logo Design
The logo is a visual representation of a company's identity. The logo is a
means of describing the business without using words and, if successful, can become the trademark of the company. (i.e. the Nike Swoosh)

Custom Graphics
A website without pictures and graphics is boring and un-interesting. Let NLM design and create custom images to fit your needs. Custom graphics will drastically improve the look and feel of your website making it more user-friendly.

Advertising is the center of any marketing strategy and brand promotion. In order for the consumers to know about your business, there has to be some sort of advertising.

Adding animation to your website not only adds to the quality of your site, animation can make a website look more professional and be more inviting causing the user to linger at your site longer.

Photo Restoration
As photos get older, they begin to fade or crack and, from normal ware and tear, your photos begin to lose their quality or get damaged. The good news is that they can be restored back to, or better than, their original quality. After restoration, your photos will be available in your choice of downloadable from the internet, returned to you in a printable format, or printed and mailed back to you.

Photo Alteration
Have you ever wanted someone in a photo taken out of the photo? Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a third eye? Have you ever wanted to go to Mars? Now you can! Virtually anything can be altered in a photo. After alteration, your photo will be available in your choice of downloadable from the internet, returned to you in a printable format or printed and mailed back to you.

Special Event Slideshows
A slideshow is great for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, funerals and even family reunions. At events such as these, a slideshow is used to show pictures from previous years' events or clips of a person's life. After production, the slideshow will be available by your choice of CD by mail or downloadable from the internet in available formats.

and more...

If you need something done that is not listed, please contact NLM with an idea of what you need done and we will see what we can do for you.