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Ecommerce SEO Services to Boost Sales

Ecommerce SEO Services To Boost Sales

Mobile commerce is not just booming, but also the future for your business in this digitally driven environment. In 2015, almost mobile commerce accounted for almost 30% of your eCommerce sales in US alone. If this data is to be believed, you would realize that mobile commerce would help increase conversions and build a positive ROI for your business. It is not just true for US, but also for North Korea and Japan. With mobile commerce, you can touch base in different countries and can place your business in the global markets.


But, most businesses like you start thinking whether it is wise to invest in an eCommerce app or not? Is it wise to enter an otherwise cluttered and highly competitive market? The answer is yes! You should definitely think of entering this market that will increase your possibilities of maximizing your reach. Of course you need a partner who can help you win your audience with the right app solution. When you are planning an app development for your eCommerce business, you need to focus on user experience, usability and branding. Here, you can develop an eCommerce app that is loved by thousands.

Include a Secure Payment Gateway

This is an important feature that you simply cannot miss out when developing an eCommerce app. Why is it important? The first thing that will cross your potential customer’s mind is whether the payment is secure on your eStore. The reason is the rise in cyber crime, and the security breaches that your user has been experiencing on the internet. If you are able to connect your user with the payment system in a secure fashion, you would gain better engagement. Frameworks such as Stripe, PayPal etc. are all secure, and known for their safety.

Good Quality Images

You cannot touch and feel the products online, which is why you need good images of the product to understand how it appears. Include features that support high resolution images and show your product sharper and better on the site. Make sure you have posted an accurate description of your product on the site with the images. With a zoom feature embedded into your site, you can grab better attention of your user, and can get better deal. Invest in original pictures that possess good resolution.

Include Product Reviews

Product reviews trigger purchase decisions, which is why they are important for your brand. Even when the product appeals to your customer, they want to know whether or not your product has received good reviews. They will always go and check the reviews before completing the product purchase, which is why your product should display good reviews. Include product reviews that can affect the purchase decision positively. Also have good product descriptions that can grab your user’s attention, and help in conversions.

Re targeting with Discounts

As an eCommerce, abandoned carts happen to be your biggest issue. Not only do you need to figure out why people are abandoning your cart, but also need to understand how you can get them back. Discounts are a great feature that can help you bring back the abandoners. Offer special discounts that can induce the buyers to come to your product and make the purchase. 61% of the users are likely to buy the product if you offer them a good discount. Incentives will always help your user come back to you, and complete the purchase.

Product Comparison Feature

People who are planning to complete the purchase are prone to research for an alternative online. When you want to ease their experience on your app, and make them complete their purchase, you should always include a product comparison feature that can make them complete the comparison with ease. They can always complete their research with this feature, without actually leaving the app. This will save you from the abandonment, and will help you increase the users.

Push Notifications

Sending out updates to your users about new products will help you keep them updated, and win them over. You need to leverage push notifications to increase sales for your business. With every new push notification, you will get people on board, which will eventually increase your ROI. Don’t forget to add this feature to your eCommerce app.

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